Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Setting Up the Stage


  1. A computer/laptop with a Camera or Webcam
  2. Good Internet Connection

Setting Up the Stage

  1. Open a new project in PictoBlox.
  2. Select evive as your board from the Board tab on the menu bar.
    Choose board
  3. Click the Add Extension button in the bottom left corner.
    add extension button
  4. A modal will open will all the available extensions. Select the Artificial Intelligence extension from the library.
    AI Extension
  5. Download the image from here: https://inventant.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Kids-and-Bus.jpg
    Kids and Bus
  6. Upload the image as a backdrop.Upload Backdrop
  7. Add a new sprite named Box from the sprite library:
    New Sprite
    square box sprite
  8. Delete Tobi, select the Box sprite, and switch to the Code tab.
  9. Add a when flag clicked block in the scripting area.
  10. Snap a hide block from the Looks palette.
  11. Add a recognize () in image from () block and select image features and stage as inputs.
    Object Location 1
evive Notes Icon
Note: Recognize () in image from () block analyses the image for objects and detect the followings: 

  • Name
  • x position: Reports the x position of the identified object. 
  • y position: Reports the y position of the identified object.
  • width: Reports the width of the identified object.
  • height: Reports the height of the identified object.
  • Confidence

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