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All About AI Assistants

Before we directly jump into making our own AI assistant, let us first understand what AI assistants are, how they work, and why they are useful.

All About AI Assistants – Overview

AI assistants are programs that can understand our voice or text commands. You must have seen or used Alexa, Siri or Google assistant in your house or parent’s phones. They listen to your voice commands and then do what you asked them to.

You can ask them about the weather, play a song, set up alarms or even turn on/off lights in a room. The assistant also tells you when to take a left or a right when driving a car. You can even notice them in text predictions while writing messages on mobile or on the web.

Why AI Assistants?

AI assistants make everyday life easy. They can behave as “personal assistants” to help in everyday tasks such as setting reminders, alarms, or even launching apps and sending text messages to friends and family. For example, a driver of a car can ask the assistant to set the GPS location to a restaurant without the need for stopping the car and pressing buttons on the device.

They can even help people with disabilities in simple tasks like turning off lights or help blind use the internet to search for information.

How Does AI Make Them Smart?

The AI in digital assistants can understand natural voice commands like the sentences we use to speak to each other. The assistant is smart enough to understand what you want or what you asked it to do. You can even ask them to make a joke or have conversations with them.


AI assistants are becoming more and more useful by the day. Here are some of their many applications:

  1. AI assistants can be used to make smart homes.
    Image: /d1e2bohyu2u2w9.cloudfront.net
  2. Behave as a personal assistant to people.
  3. Chatbot on websites.
  4. Used in hospitals to detect what is going wrong in patients.
  5. GPS in cars.
    Image: cdn.thewirecutter.com

In the next topic, we’ll use artificial intelligence to make an AI assistance bot using Quarky. Let’s get to it!

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