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Using Programming to Save the World

You must be aware that the world today facing a major pandemic – the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. The situation is serious out there and everybody’s doing everything that they can to fight the virus and save the world; so should a budding innovator like yourself!

As your capstone project for this course, you have to use the concepts that you’ve learned and come up with an innovative way to make your friends, neighbors, and relatives aware of coronavirus and encourage them to follow all the good practices to protect themselves from it and help keep it under control.

Your project can be anything:

  • A game
  • A story
  • An animation

The assignment will be graded out of 50 points. Submitting it is a must to receive the certificate after completing the course. Here we have added a few examples on how can you make games and animations on the theme of COVID-19.

Follow the steps below to upload your assignment:

  1. Click on Choose File.
  2. Select the image from the pop-up window that opens up.
  3. Once the image is selected, click on Upload Assignment.
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File types allowed is SB3 file generated from the Scratch program. The maximum file size allowed is 70 MB.

Good luck!

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