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Making a Walking Animation

Now that you know how to move a sprite, let’s do something cool with that!

What is Costume?

costume is one out of many alternate appearances of a sprite. Sprites can change their look to any of its costumes. They can be named, edited, created, and deleted.  Every sprite has at least one costume.         Tobi Costume

One of the most common uses of costumes is to make an animation for a game or other project.

Activity: Making Tobi Walk

In this activity, we will create a small animation to make Tobi walk by switching between his costumes. Let’s begin!

Opening a New Document

If you are working on an existing script and you want to create a NEW one.

Click on File button and select New. If you haven’t saved your script, save it.

Selecing New Doc in PictoBlox

Choosing the Backdrop

Follow the steps below to add a backdrop.

  1. Click the Choose a Backdrop button.Choose Backdrop
  2. Select the Blue Sky backdrop from the library.Blue Sky backdrop

Setting the Starting Point

We will set Tobi’s starting position using the following blocks from the Motion palette.

Saying “Hello”

We will make Tobi say “Hello” using a say block from the Looks palette.say hello block

Moving and Switching Costumes

To make Tobi look like he’s walking, we will use the following blocks:

  1. move block from the Motion palettemove steps block
  2. switch costume from the Looks paletteswitch costume to block
  3. wait block from the Control palette. Write 0.1 instead of 1 to make the delay duration shorterwait () seconds

From the drop-down of switch costume block, choose the Tobi walking 1/ Tobi walking 2 costumes.Making Tobi Walk

Running the Script Forever

To make Tobi walk continuously,  we will use the forever block from the Control palette.forever block

Adding a Hat Block

From the Events palette, we will add the following hat block. It will sense when we click Tobi and make it walk whenever we do so.

The entire script looks like this:Making Tobu walk

Maximize the stage and make Tobi walk! 🙂Making Tobi Walk

Saving the Program

  1. To save the program, click on File > Save As.
  2. A window will popup. Choose the location as Desktop or any other relevant folder. Name the file Tobi Walking Animation.

  3. Click on Save.


Before you move on to the next lesson, a small assignment awaits you!

You must upload the PictoBlox program you wrote in this activity to the website.

Submitting the assignment is a must in order to receive the certificate after completing the course.

Follow the steps below to upload your assignment:

  1. Click on Choose File.
  2. Select the image from the pop-up window that opens up.
  3. Once the image is selected, click on Upload Assignment.
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The allowed file type is SB3 file generated from the PictoBlox program. The maximum file size allowed is 5 MB.

Good luck!

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