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Let’s Chat!

What if your sprite could talk to you or your friend? Let’s find out how!

In this activity, we will learn how to ask a user to enter input and create a script where a friendly goblin has a small chat with the user.

Choosing the Backdrop

Follow the steps below to add a backdrop:

  1. Click on Choose a Backdrop button.Choose Backdrop
  2. Choose the Castle 2 backdrop from the library.Castle2 backdrop

Choosing the Sprite

  1. Using Choose a Sprite button, Choose the Goblin sprite.New SpriteGoblin Sprite
  2. Right-click Tobi’s icon in the sprite palette and delete it.delete tobi

Making the Goblin Glide

We will make the Goblin glide using the following blocks:Glide blocks

Switching Costume and Saying

Next, we will use the switch costume to () and say () for () seconds block from the Looks palette to make the Goblin look like he’s talking.Switch and say

Asking a Question

Making Goblin Talk

  1. To make the Goblin ask a question, we will use an ask block from the Sensing palette. It will ask the user whatever you write inside it, wait for user input, and then store that input in the answer block.ask block
    answer of user input


Follow the steps below to make the Goblin reply to the user’s response:

  1. First, we will use the answer block from the Sensing palette to read the user input.
  2. To combine our message with the user’s answer, we will use a join block from the Operators palette.
  3. Finally, to reply, we will use another say () for () seconds block from the Looks palette.
  4. Place a say block and then place a join block in to the first spac given.
  5. Write “Nice to meet you” in the first space of the join block and place the answer block into the second space of the join block.Storing Answer

The complete script looks like this:

Tobi asking name

Maximize the stage and enjoy the animation!Making Sprite Talk

Saving the File

Save the file with the name Let Us Chat!


Before you move on to the next lesson, a small assignment awaits you!

You must upload the PictoBlox script you made in this activity to the website.

Submitting the assignment is a must in order to receive the certificate after completing the course.

Follow the steps below to upload your assignment:

  1. Click on Choose File.
  2. Select the image from the pop-up window that opens up.
  3. Once the image is selected, click on Upload Assignment.
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The allowed file type is SB3 file generated from the PictoBlox program. The maximum file size allowed is 5 MB.
Good luck!

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