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Gift Sorter

Can you read the license number on the number plate of the car?

Analyse Car License Plate Small

Yes, it is IN R 8103. But how can a computer get this number from the image?

Tobi Reporting

The computer uses Optical Character Recognition to identify text from images. 

In this lesson, we’ll make a gift delivery system. Here’s a brief about the situation and what we must do to set up a smooth system:

There are two friends, John and Hazel. They like sending gifts to each other. Since they live in different cities, they decide to do the same to cheer each other up. The gift has the name of the receiver written on it. Our job is to ensure that the gift reaches its correct owner. How are we going to ensure it? With the help of our reliable OCR blocks! Using the camera and OCR blocks, the computer will detect the name and send the gift to whom it is for.

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