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Cubicle of knowledge offering AI & Robotics education with comprehensive curriculum, interactive robots, hands-on projects and real-life applications!

Cubicle of knowledge offering AI & Robotics learning with latest education curriculum, interactive robots, and hands-on projects and games!

Discover Next-Gen AI Lab

Interactive AI & Robotics Lab for Schools implementing applied curriculum with technology skill subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in this digital era! 

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It’s not just a AI Lab, It's a Skilling Program!

Experience the endeavor of interactive learning with a world-class lab, space to code AI-powered Quarky robots with PictoBlox, and learning resources for both students and teachers!

1. AI and Robotics Lab

World-class AI laboratory infrastructure with DIY kits for project-based learning

2. Coding & AI Platform

All-in-one coding environment designed for students with block-based coding & Python

3. Structured Curriculum

Year-long curriculum for class 3rd to 12th as per NEP 2020 and IB/CBSE Skill Subjects.

Kits for AI & Robotics Lab

Equip your school with a Next-Gen AI laboratory along with best AI-learning kits Quarky, DIY kits like Mars Rover and Humanoid, consumables, and hands-on project and activities making your students AI learning journey superfun!

Coding and AI Platform

Get unlimited access to AI-ML projects like face detection, object classification, machine learning models, self-driving car, and speech recognition with PictoBlox – programming software for schools with Block & Python coding environment! Avail premium features like bulk account creation and assignment submission with AI Lab.

Structured Curriculum & Resources

Certified AI curriculum is aligned with international boards like CBSE/IB/IGCSE/ICSE/CSTA/CIE and specifically designed grade-wise AI syllabus for students of grades 3rd to 12th to introduce them to technological activities in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Coding, and much more.

Yes! Teacher Development Programs

For delivering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning education to students, our master AI trainers will train and upskill the computer science teachers, STEM faculty, and school IT staff. We provide dedicated live training sessions and curated short courses for teachers.

Technologies in Focus for Inclusive AI Education

Get your kids an opportunity to master world-class technological concepts like coding, training machine learning models, self-driving car, natural language processing,  and what not with real-life practical activity based learning (ABL)!

Coding - Graphical & Python

Self-Driving Technology

Industry and Automation

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Robotics with AI

STEM and Tinkering

Why Coding, AI & Robotics for Students?


21st Century Skills

Develops High Order Thinking, team work, enhances Creativity and Innovation


Career Opportunities

Large number of career opportunities in Tech, Coding, AI, Robotics, and STEM/STEAM


Coding and AI for Kids

Early exposure of coding to students nurtures logical reasoning and problem solving skills

AI and Robotics Lab Offerings

STEMpedia Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Lab offers an enhanced learning experience at schools or activity centers !

AI & Robotics Lab

Get a complete learning environment with AI-based robots, DIY kits, consumables, spares, online LMS with courses, PictoBlox licenses, teacher training, annual maintenance, and much more making the learning journey more realistic with practical hands-on activities.

AI & Robotics Classroom Bundle

Structure your own AI teaching program with robots, consumables, curriculum, courses, and much more!

Best suited for schools or activity centers looking to add AI courses with existing CS/Robotics/STEM/ATL programs. Explore more>>

Additional Offerings for Schools

3D Printing & Laser Engraving for Schools

Best in class 3D Printer with Laser Engraving and heated bed for easy educational usage with students!

IT Equipment for AI Lab

Technical equipment package with Laptops, tablets, camera, speaker, Wi-Fi router, projectors and much more!

Testimonials - WORLDWIDE Happy Students and CS Teachers

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Robey Phinn
Robey PhinnSouth Africa
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Quarky is a simple piece of hardware with an enormous amount of depth, making it easy to teach kids about the complexities of computers, robotics and coding in a simple way. He also admires it's user-friendly interface also making AI-learning easy for teachers, facilitators and parents!
Yusif EL-Dahan
Yusif EL-DahanEgypt
Read More
Quarky is an amazing educational pocket size PC with a multitude of functions and easy to handle size.

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FAQs on setup AI Lab, Curriculum, and AI Teacher Training

AI Lab along with Robotics is designed for the implementation of the latest education trends as per CSTA, IB (International Baccalaureate®), IGCSE, ICSE, National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and CBSE Skill Subjects with Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Tinkering, and Data Science.

AI curriculum and kits are recommended for age 7+ to 17 years / Grade 3 to 12. For younger grades or beginners, we suggest block-based coding, while for higher grades (9+), we implement an AI curriculum with Python coding.

Yes, we will start with phase 2, where we will address age group 5+ (Jr. Kg to 2 Grade) for fun and engaging activities and curriculum for coding and robotics (which are covered in STEM Innovation Lab),  but concepts of AI are introduced after classs/grade 3.

  1. AI Lab (AI  and Robotics Lab): For schools looking to start an year-long Coding, AI, and Robotics education with curriculum, assessment, annual competition. It includes Quarky robots, DIY Kits (Mars Rover, Humanoid, Art Paper creatives), Alexa with smart devices, consumables, spares (for items like sensors, motors, fasteners,  etc.), charging stations, etc.
  2. AI Classroom Bundle: For schools or libraries or activity centers looking to add AI courses with existing CS/Robotics/STEM/STEAM/ATL programs. Read more for details  and pricing

Considering one session of 40-60 mins of AI and Robotics per week running over the year, and two-three students working in groups,

  1. AI Classroom Bundles: Upto 200 students
  2. AI Lab (AI  and Robotics Lab): 200 – 400 students. For engaging more students, you can add more AI Classroom Bundle per 200 students.


  1. It’s depends on the school. If you are looking to start AI curriculum, then a fully equipped computer lab is sufficient. 
  2. If you are looking for best-in-class lab with decorative infrastructure and furniture or for other packages (like  3D printing and drones), then a separate space of 500-1,000 sqft for the lab is recommended.
  1. 1 x Projector and Computer/Laptop for Teacher
  2. 1 x Computre/Laptop/Tablet/iPad for each group (Total 12-15)
    1. OS: Windows 8+/Mac/Linux with atleast 4 GB RAM (Currently Chromebooks are not supported)
    2. Accessories (or in-built features): Mic, Camera and Bluetooth
    3. Internet Access

Note:  Python coding is not supported in Tablet/iPad.

Yes. We have additional packages for 3D printing with laser engraver, drones which can be added separately with AI and Robotics lab.

(Only for India) We provide IT equipment package also or AI lab with tablets/laptops as per the need.

We can customize and provide full educational lab solutions including furniture, training, IT and many above 10,000 USD  or 8L INR budget.

We  also provide curated curriculum, and kits for  government organizations or education departments  or education ministeries or Non-profit organizations (NGOs) as per the need  of the CSR activities. For bulk procurement or government tenders on AI education kits and program, do contact us at

We have 20+ global partners and distributors across the world. We have shipped our educational kits in more than 75 countries so far. Do contact us at

We usually ship our kits and AI lab package via DHL as our courier partner.

For becoming our partner or bulk distributor,  please visit:

Currently, AI and Robotics curriculum and kits are available in English and Korean.

If you want to create AI and Robotics curriculum in other languages, please contact us at We help experienced CS teachers or STEM-Robotics education companies or book publishing companies to create their own AI and ML curriculum.

Our  coding and AI platform PictoBlox is supported in English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Gujarati, and Kannada.

Yes, it is different from Atal Tinkering Lab. The Indian government granted ATL lab focus on tinkering, core electronics-robotics, IoT, machine tools, etc. While AI lab for schools focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and skill based subjects included in NEP.

We strongly suggest ATL schools to buy AI classroom bundle using the annual INR 2 Lacs (as per the ATL budget consumption guidelines or consumables and training) budget to upgrade the lab as per the NEP 2020.

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